We achieve perfection. 

For many years, we developed bags for some of the biggest brand names. We found that many customers were yearning for accessories that are stylish yet practical–accessories that would travel from the office to a school run to a night on the town, accessories that help fulfill the many facets of a woman's life. We set out to create our very own brand–Margot. We have spent decades working with the best family-owned tanneries from all over the world –in upstate New York, Argentina and England– to achieve leathers that are as soft and light as a glove and yet as durable as a coat. Today, each and every Margot bag is hand-crafted from this finest leather, thoughtfully designed and offered at a value that is unmatched.

We do not compromise.

Most other similarly priced companies have cut corners by claiming their bags are made of genuine leather but then mix in synthetic materials throughout. We, on the other hand, have stood by our commitment to quality. And to our Margot customers. Every portion of a Margot bag is made of the finest leather.

Other brands. 

While many other comparably priced brands claim that their bag is made of genuine leather, they often use synthetic materials in less visible parts. Only about 30% of a bag is made of genuine leather and the use of substitutes allows those brands to drive inflated margins. In the process, the quality of a bag is compromised as synthetic materials do not age as well as high quality genuine leather does. Over time synthetic areas get frayed and the bag does not hold its shape well. An old synthetic bag will need to be discarded while an old fully genuine leather only gets better with time.


No matter how out of sight, every portion of a Margot bag is made of the finest genuine leather. Because of this, Margot bags acquire a beautiful, rich patina along with wear over time that is unique to your very own bag. We know our customers know the difference and will appreciate a Margot for many years to come. Rather than drive a quick profit, we are committed to the long term–because we know that a happy Margot customer is a customer who loves Margot for life.